Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Losses Baby Walrus

Sad news today from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom where the park's Walrus Uquq (pronounced ook ook) gave birth to a still born walrus calf. The park had every indication leading up to the birth that they would have the 12th walrus ever born into captivity. Unfortunately when Uquq gave birth, the calf was already dead.

Siku (left) with Uquq (right) at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

My heart goes out to the park and their animal staff. I can't say enough about the animal staff at that park and their devotion to the well being of all the animals, who are really treated as part of their own families. The staff is working with Uquq to ensure her health after this tragic occurrence. You can read more here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Antelope Island State Park Video

Antelope Island State Park, Utah filmed in April 2011. Animals include: bison, coyote, mule deer, and pronghorn antelope.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Elk Herd at Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Alright, so maybe at this point I should just change the name of this blog to Animal Tails. Another non-zoo update but I'm all about the conservation of animals and species.

Elk once roamed the southern Appalachian Mountains and elsewhere in the eastern United States. They were eliminated from the region by over-hunting and loss of habitat. The experimental release of elk into Great Smoky Mountains National Park began in February, 2001 with the importation of 25 elk. All elk were radio collared and were monitored during the eight-year experimental phase of the project. In 2009-2010, the park began developing an environmental assessment of the program and a long-term management plan for elk.

Most of the elk are located in the Cataloochee area in the southeastern section of the park. The easiest way to reach Cataloochee is from Interstate highway I-40. Exit I-40 at North Carolina exit #20. After 0.2 mile, turn right onto Cove Creek Road and follow signs 11 miles into Cataloochee valley. Allow at least 45 minutes to reach the valley once you exit I-40.

Smoky Mountain National Park Elk Herd and Black Bear Video

I know, I know, this is yet another non-zoo update (I am hopefully going to make it out to a local zoo very soon). I figure if you are like me and just like animals it doesn't matter if they are in the zoo or the wild. Here's a video I took recently at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It features a black bear and the elk herd which was recently re-introduced to the park.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Coyote+Bison Picture

I know this is another update not involving a zoo (hoping to go to my first zoo of the year real soon) I thought you would enjoy these pictures from Antelope Island. The money shot is the picture of the bison and a coyote in the same frame. What are the chances of that happening while I was there to see it?