Saturday, January 11, 2014

Columbus Zoo Future Plans

An article in the Columbus Dispatch revealed some of the Columbus Zoo's ideas for future plans. Over the next twenty-five years, the zoo could see the following additions:
  • Bringing sea lions to the zoo with an exhibit at the main entrance that eventually could include entertainment.
  • Creating an interactive exhibit honoring the legacy of former zoo director Jack Hanna.
  • Tripling the size of the African Safari exhibit, which is to open in May.
  • Providing transportation from one side of the zoo to the other.
  • Renovating the North America exhibit.
  • Building a new animal hospital.
  • Enlarging the zoo’s aquarium building.
The hope is zoo attendance of about 2 million visitors a year could grow to 3 million a year with the addition new exhibits. Plans also call to add a satellite zoo in downtown Columbus along the Scioto River, estimated to cost $50 million to $65 million to build.

So it looks like a South America region is off the table. Which of these future plans do you like the best? What do you think they need?