Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on SeaWorld Whale Situation

While SeaWorld issued a statement late Friday that killer whale shows would begin again on Saturday, the animal trainers said they would not be getting in the water again with any of the whales until they had time to go over all of their safety procedures. SeaWorld currently has no plans to remove Tilly from the park however, while various groups have been crying out to the media asking for the whale to be either released into the wild (where is would surely die on its own) or even destroyed.
    While looking into this story however, I came across another story I had not seen before. About 5-6 years ago several SeaWorld whales were sent to Loro Parque in the Canary Islands on a long term loan from SeaWorld. Just this past December 24th, another accident took place at that park involving a former SeaWorld whale that caused a death of a trainer there. The whale there involved was thought to be Keto, which I believe is one of the many offspring of Tilly. You can read more and find links to other reports at Wikipedia.