Wednesday, March 24, 2010

San Diego Wild Animal Park expands ‘Journey Into Africa’ tour

Flamingo at San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park
Construction is winding down and animals are beginning to populate four new habitats along the “Journey Into Africa” tram tour at San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park.
The new African animal exhibits have been added to the first third of the 30-minute tour as part of a $4-million expansion.
Among the additions:
* More than 150 flamingos have moved into a new five-acre exhibit with a pond and a beach.
* Soemmering’s gazelles and yellow-backed duikers (medium-sized antelope) are now living in the half-acre hillside exhibit. Southern steenboks (small antelope) are expected to move in later this week.
* Wattled cranes, yellow-billed storks and Egyptian geese were recently relocated to a half-acre marsh exhibit. Lappet-faced vultures and Ruppell’s vultures will join them soon.
* Somali wild asses and Barbary sheep will take up residence in a five-acre rocky desert exhibit beginning in April.