Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amazon River Dolphin

Have you ever heard of a South American Amazon River Dolphin before? I hadn't until I stumbled upon the site, which showcases the design of zoo habitats around the world. Today they featured this wonderful exhibit:

The Rio Negro exhibit shows the flooded forest habitat of a South American river system in a tropical hall. It is a new holding facility for the two Amazon river dolphins which have been kept at Zoo Duisburg since 1975. The facility and the life support system have been designed to be able to hold manatees (Trichechus manatus) in the future since the zoo decided not to acquire river dolphins any more.

Visitors move through a tropical hall, experiencing a dense riverine vegetation and animal species of the the Amazon region, such as sloth, tamarin, lesser anteater, toucan and macaw, besides the Amazon river dolphin. A wooden visitor hut offers a view into the tree tops. 

For more information and pictures visit ZooLex!

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