Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Flamingos Hatched at Busch Gardens

More great news out of Busch Gardens Tampa!

baby with adults2

TAMPA, Fla. — Since June 3, seven baby Caribbean flamingos have hatched at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay – the most recent, born on Sunday, July 25. The babies are on display along with approximately 125 adult flamingos in the Bird Gardens area of the park.

As these babies prove, newly hatched chicks are not pink, but in fact have gray or white down feathers. Their pink coloring comes from the carotenoid pigments they consume as part of their diet. They won’t lose all of their darker feathers for a few years.

Flamingos have long resided at Busch Gardens. Their bright color and gentle nature have made them a favorite of park guests for many years.