Monday, June 20, 2011

Two New Safari Attractions at the Wilds

 The Wilds in Southeast Ohio announced two new amazing sounding attractions. If they keep expanding like this it's going to turn into a full-blown resort requiring multiple days to experience everything. Sounds good to me!

Zipline Safari
Enjoy the Wilds from an aerial perspective! Led by two professionally trained guides, this 2 ½ hour zipline safari tour consists of 10 ziplines and a rappel built on a series of observation platforms overlooking various exotic animal species that are home to the Wilds. You'll zip along a network of cables, through the trees, over the animal watering holes, lakes, and pastures, finally landing among the amazing giraffes. This tour is designed to excite anyone with a love for wildlife and a bit of adventure. Don’t miss this incredible, first of its kind, outdoor experience during your visit to the Wilds! Make your reservation today. For more information on Zipline Safari click here. Tours begin June 27th.

Horseback Safari
Led by professional trained guides, this tour consists of a relaxing horseback ride along a beautiful hillside overlooking various animal species that call the Wilds home. The tour is designed to excite anyone with the love for wildlife and a bit of adventure. For more information on Horseback Safari click here.