Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SeaWorld sued for slavery

According to an Associated Press report, PETA has just filed suit in federal court against SeaWorld stating that the Marine Park is in violation of the 13th Amendment for “enslaving its five performing whales,” by claiming that while the Amendment prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude, “it does not specify that only humans can be victims.”

While SeaWorld has denounced the move as baseless, PETA’s general counsel, Jeff Kerr contended that plaintiffs orcas, Tilikum and Katina based at SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla., and Corky, Kasatka and Ulises at SeaWorld San Diego “were kidnapped from their homes, kept confined, denied everything that's natural to them and forced to perform tricks for SeaWorld's profit,"  In addition Kerr stated that "the males have their sperm collected, the females are artificially inseminated and forced to bear young which are sometimes shipped away."

The lawsuit asks the court to order the orcas released to the custody of a legal guardian who would find a "suitable habitat" for them, and alleges “that captivity in the ‘barren tanks’ of a marine park suppresses the orcas' abilities and relationships, and subjects them to stress. This sometimes leads to instances where the orcas injure themselves, other orcas or humans that interact with them.”

Read the full article here.

I think this is ridiculous and way over the top. The animals live arguably live a better life at SeaWorld than they would in the wild. I like to think SeaWorld does more good than harm. Aren't there better business to sue? How about those sea food companies killing thousands of wild dolphins and whales?