Sunday, November 11, 2012

Columbus Zoo Update 11-10-2012

columbus zoo baby tigers

I went to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium yesterday for the first time since August. A few observations and changes since my last visit:

    beavers at the columbus zoo
  • It looks like they’ve expanded the pathway leading into the North America section (next to the elephant building).
  • I still haven’t seen the otters out in the old black bear enclosure.
  • There was a single beaver occupying the old otter enclosure that I could see (rumored to soon have four beavers). 
  • The tiger cubs were playing outside, the first time I have seen them in person. I shot a short video of the cubs. There is also a short segment at the end with the gibbons. They were so loud yesterday, you could hear them all the way at the other end of the zoo in the Polar Frontier region. Crazy!
  • A large gorilla statue was added to the Expedition Congo: African Forest section outside the entrance to the gorilla building.
  • Safari Africa expansion construction is well under way. Looks like a chain link fence is being erected around the entire site, which is currently nothing but dirt
  • Zoo crews were going gangbusters setting up Christmas lights and decorations for the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo with opening only a week away! They were also setting up a neat looking “Christmas Around the World” type display in the Asia Quest building complete with figures that looked like they came directly out of Disney’s “it’s a small world” ride.
a sleeping smiling monkey at the zoo

Stay tuned for our future updates as we will cover Wildlights and the ongoing construction of Safari Africa.