Thursday, July 11, 2013

Zoo Design: PGAV Destinations Interview

The Season Pass Podcast recently posted a great interview with PGAV Destinations - a themed entertainment design firm that has worked on numerous theme park, zoos, aquarium, and science center projects. They're currently working on Safari Africa at the Columbus Zoo. The main focus of the interview is their relationship with the Busch (now SeaWorld Entertainment) parks. Some of the topics they touched on in their hour long discussion:

pgav destinations safari africa
  • How they helped rebrand Six Flags as Discovery Kingdom
  • Georgia Aquarium exhibits use projections
  • The perfect picture location on the Manta coaster at Sea World Orlando
  • Mixing guests, rides, and animals
  • The challenges of building within Sea World San Diego ‘s40 foot height limit
  • Designing ”mail box moments” (or Facebook moments)
  • An awesome photo opportunity at the lion exhibit in Busch Gardens Tampa
  • Glacier Run at Louisville Zoo
Click here to check it out now. If you have any interest in zoo design you should definitely give this a listen!