Monday, May 26, 2014

Columbus Zoo Heart of Africa: Giraffe Feeding

In the next several posts I’ll be taking a look at several of the highlights of the Heart of Africa in the Columbus Zoo.The giraffes have finally made their return to the Columbus Zoo and there are now eleven of them that call the savanna home. It appears as though they have been split up into two groups: one occupies the enclosure where the feeding platform is while the other group roams free in the savanna with countless other creatures. It costs $3 to feed the giraffes and I believe there are three feeding times during the day. Of all the giraffe feedings I've done (Detroit Zoo, the Wilds, etc.) I have to say these giraffes are the most friendly I've seen. They're not shy at all! Watch the video if you don't believe me.

A few pictures of the giraffes at the Columbus Zoo:
columbus zoo giraffes

Stay tuned for more Heart of Africa coverage!